Final Resting

by Rise

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Recorded April 28th-29th 2015 at The Panda Studios Fremont CA


released July 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Rise Visalia, California


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Track Name: Burning Sun
i feel the Devils hands drag me into the night
I see your God turn its head as if its all alright
I drag around all this bearing weight long after as my arms bend and break
You claim to know my pain but haven't seen a thing the evil I know is more you can see
Never understanding what this world has done watch dreams die in the burning sun
Another story with no happy ending the sky that whispers there's no escape fall into a dark abyss as I watch redemption takes its corse
The isolation leaves a mind at wat forced to obey forced conform life on earths is just one big sentence force feeding lie killing everyone in sight
Never understanding what this world has has done watch dreams die in the burning sun
Life on earth is just one big sentence force feeding lies killing everyone in sight
Track Name: Untitled
surround by walls right in front of you only a matter a time before we get to you
The manipulation you do will eventually meet you
The high horse you rode will give out soon a reminder of what I will never be
A parasite that has nothing to offer will be written on the grave you sleep
The walls that once protected you are coming down on you
No mercy no remorse its what's In Store for you
If In this world you fall of the chain well that's the end for you
There's no room for the weak links
It's time to introduce you the face they call death
Running from fear keeps the mind in clarity
Another coward left shook
Believing everything
Falling into another deceive
Cause when your at war inside your own head its real easy to be fooled

But i wont be fucking fooled
Track Name: Darkness Breeds
Ill sit and watch you sink
Witnessing a full demise
Tower over the world
And a sea of lies

Father help me I can't turn back
I can't bare to erase the past
I can't forget the ones I loved
As I'm staring at the graves I've dug

Stand with me and enjoy the view
What's started cannot be stopped
Our whole lives fade away
The futures now and the past is lost
Turn a head and refuse the fact
The worlds fading day by day

Once turned it will never go back
Forget what's real and let minds stray

Darkness breeds, Light Deceives

Calling for help
Reach for the hand
Follow the light
Witness the end
Track Name: Light Deceives
I feel the light taking me in
I feel the push from a figures hand
I keep praying it'll be alright
If I can make it through the night
The light deceives and I don't know where to go
I turn away as I see the eyes glow
Something's happened the world is gone
I have to push myself I have to move on
Days pass and it's not the same
Seeing the world as its the old way
Memories are lost as a new vision is made
Surround by paradise of filth and waste
The darkness is gone and light drowns
Fear is gone as I turn around
I've made this place what has been done
Created by the demons son
I've done this a world of waste
And I did it with a smile on my face

Hope is gone there's no where to run

Light deceives the darkness in me
Track Name: Final Resting
light shines through
Into bloodshot eyes
Death walks the earth drowning darken life's
Lead by a hand to gates of sin fire burns the worlds doomed again
Shadows take my hand and lead me away
Bound by chains I have nowhere to stray look to the sky engulfed in flames
Rains of ash the worlds darkest day
Screaming but no one hears a thing
Laughing as I'm going insane
Light shines down to take me away
This is gonna be the final day as I watch he Scorches the earth my only hope now is I die first bisons blur out and I feel no pain
Still looking the world I made and knowing that I was no mistake light shines down to take me away as for your life will never be the same
As for your life will never be the same all out war between humanity writing on a tomb that spells insanity